We want to write you about our future, cause we have bought a field, a parcel of land (55.000 m2), where we will have our own independent shelter for animals.


We are finishing the construction, it has cost a lot of money, we still have bills to pay. We need to have as much material as we need so that we don’t have any shortages in our work.
We want it to be not only a center for animal protection aimed at collecting animals but also to educate, a place for meetings, for talks, conferences, education..

The project will be done in 3 phases.

Soon we will have the preliminary design, we need an architect to make it right so in future new generations will have the best shelter!

In the first phase we will build a infrastructure of around 150 m2, where we’ll include a small apartment for someone to live in there. We will build some kennels for dogs and cats, and an area for quarantine of both, dogs and cats  (at the beginning just a few).

We should have a warehouse for food and blankets, medicines… A small office for papers and service people, and the first check of a veterinarian (we can’t afford a clinic now).

We have to wall in all the places (kennels for dogs to walk and run, cat places, etc.) We have fence all around the field but it`s not perfect and we have to improve it

And of course, we will need electricity, although at the beginning it will be only for the people living there and illuminate the basic (solar cells).

In the next phases (years 2018 and 2019), we will have more place for people to come with their own dogs, so we can have events. We want a place for children, to schools visit us, we will need trees, chairs, tables, computers, and more.

And finally, we will be able (if we get the money, of course) to build more kennels for animals.

All our resources will be this year for this new project. We will not be able to rescue animals (we can’t pay more than 1.000 € each month in clinics with the project) . We have to work in the future of our organization.  We know we need more partners, and more help, so that’s why we look for it

All it will be for the animals.

So please, if you can help us, we have a long way ahead!

Thanks so much from the people of Caceres

​Caja Rural de Almendralejo

IBAN: ES09 3001 0043 3343 1000 4836